Participant Testimonials

Some of our former adolescent study participants have kindly shared their feedback with us about their experiences as research volunteers.

I am now studying neuroscience myself. It would seem that my experiences participating in studies at the Montreal Neurological Institute, particularly the longitudinal study, have been instrumental in guiding my educational goals and I began an undergraduate degree at McGill University this past fall, majoring in Neuroscience.

It's super fun! I loved participating in the tests, they were funny! You are doing great work! It was very pleasant to meet your team! Thanks! It was a great experience!

I very much appreciated this research since it gave me the chance to learn more about my body. Thanks!

Yes, I totally loved the experience. It was very rewarding and interesting to do all the tests. The team was very sympathetic and I can really say that this has inspired me for a future career. Thanks so much and good luck with this research!

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