Oulu, Finland

Oulu is a city and municipality of 143,988 inhabitants (31 January 2012) in the region of Northern Ostrobothnia, in Finland. It is the most populous city in Northern Finland and the sixth most populous city in the country. What sets Oulu apart from other Finnish cities is its youthful age structure: there is a constant influx of students and job applicants, and nativity has always been high in the region. On Jan 1st 2009, the average age of people living in Oulu was 36.8 years.

Oulu has a subarctic climate with cold, snowy winters and short, warm summers. Average annual temperature is 2 °C (36 °F). The average annual precipitation is 433 mm (17.05 in) falling on 98 days a year, mostly in late summer and fall.

For several years it has been one of the fastest growing urban centres in the country. Oulu is the largest city in Northern Finland, and is one of the northernmost larger cities in the world. Oulu is considered one of Europe's "living labs", where residents experiment with new technology (such as NFC tags) at a community-wide scale.

Once known for wood tar and salmon, Oulu has evolved into a major high-tech centre, particularly in IT and wellness technology. Other prominent industries include wood refining, paper, and steel.



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